Over the last couple of months, our expat community has gained several new members. The first thing that most people do when they arrive is run out and buy lots of “stuff” to replace all the “stuff” they got rid of before they moved to Mexico.

In the interest of saving them some money — and because it’s too time-consuming to tell them one at a time — I decided to do a post about Mexico’s version of Black Friday, which is called Buen Fin.

Unlike Black Friday which only lasts one day, Buen Fin lasts four days (Friday through Monday). During this time, participating businesses across Mexico offer significant savings on products and services.

So, if the weather is really nice the first day, you can put off buying your new television and head to the beach instead. If the weather is nice all weekend, you can order it online and still take advantage of the savings.

It’s important to have priorities in life.

This Year, Buen Fin is November 17-20.

I normally close a post with the Let’s Wrap It Up section, but I think I’ll forego it today. Everyone knows that spending less for something is desirable, so I really don’t know what else I could say on the matter.


Original Post: http://qroo.us/2017/11/07/buen-fin-is-mexicos-version-of-black-friday/

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