Ecotourism in Puerto Peñasco

Ecotourism in Puerto Peñasco. Get to know it!
Eco tourism is one of the fastest growing trends trends in our town right now, as appreciation and coexistence with nature have become a priority for many tourists, which is why we would like to share some of the activities related to Ecological tourism that you can enjoy when visiting Puerto Peñasco.

Located in the northwest area of the Republic of Mexico, Puerto Peñasco is one of the top beach destinations for residents of cities nearby, such as Mexicali, Tijuana, and Hermosillo in Mexico as well as Phoenix, Tucson, and the Imperial Valley in the United States, as well as having excellent quality hotels. It lies in the north shores of the wonderful Sea of Cortez and the Great Altar Desert, which allows you to perform activities out of the ordinary without investing much time or effort.

For those who like to explore, the Intercultural Center for Desert and Ocean Studies (CEDO) has different options of ecological tours that will show you different techniques to know more about the marine and desert species of the locality.

Touring the bay west of town is a unique experience for its geographic conditions allows you to live directly with 3 different habitats: the Estuaries, Artesian Wells and Salt Flats, so you can often observe species of animals that can only be found naturally in this place and others that are in danger of extinction, for example a species known as the “puppy of the desert”.

Such diversity has been the reason for its positioning within the list of RAMSAR sites, which is why researchers and nature lovers today organize tours to learn more about the diversity and biological importance of this wetlands and moving sands.

Another option for explorers is undoubtedly the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and Great Altar Desert, a World Heritage site that has different specialized areas to learn more about the ecosystem where it is located, whether at the Museum , coexisting directly with nature when trawling the craters, or exploring the camping areas and the dunes area. But if you really enjoy outdoor physical activities, touring the Pinacate bike paths is your best option.

As for water activities, visiting the Bird Island and swimming with marine species such as dolphins, sea lions, seals, among many others, is an unforgettable experience because even though the only access to the island is by boat, it is the perfect place for snorkeling and explore this beautiful area of the “Aquarium of the World”.


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